Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Coffee & Roses

A few days ago, I wrote of the two rose bushes we have and how we've been mainly feeding them either pasta-water (from cleaning pots in which pasta was cooked) or coffee squeezings from my french press. The two bushes are of different strains, and the pasta bush bloomed first.

When we got back from Oregon, the Coffee Bush had started to bloom. It has been growing quite tall. Alas, while trying to trim out an invasive other plant and some older, dead branches, I accidentally cut one of the tallest branches of the current rose bush. This photo is from after my ham-handed attempts at bush trimming.

Now we get to see how the coming hot weather affects the bushes. It's going up to 40°C over the weekend. Bleah.
Tags: house

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