Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Blueberry Bear

[Posted late because I absentmindedly shut down my computer on Wednesday before posting.]

After Lisa's osteopathic appointment on Tuesday, we made our way back to Mountain View. We stopped at the shopping center in Grant Road to pick up some bottled water for Lisa and happened to go into the 99 Ranch Asian market. Lisa needed the walk around anyway, so we made a circuit of the store, although all we actually ended up buying was the water. travelswithkuma was very excited by the live-fish tank. We had to tell him we couldn't buy him fish so fresh it was still wiggling. After that, we walked over to Sweet Tomatoes and had dinner. Bear had to be content with berries — blueberries, in this case.

Bear says, "No more, please, I'm stuffed."

The blueberry muffins might be good for Bear, but they were really bad for my blood sugar, which shot up into the 230s, and even after I went out and walked a couple of km, the readings came down but slowly. Three hours after eating, I was still in the 180s. I like a lot of what they serve at Sweet Tomatoes, but I'm going to have to restrain myself from eating all I can eat.
Tags: diabetes, food, kuma bear

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