Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home Still Offline

By dint of going to the office at 5:30 AM (and already having logged >40 hours by COB Thursday), I was able to leave a little after 11 this morning. Lisa was packed and ready to go when I got back to the hotel, and we left Mountain View at about Noon. It shows what a difference a couple of hours can make on a Friday afternoon that we had barely no slowdowns aside from a few miles of slow traffic around the top of Sacramento (where it was just getting to 3 PM when we reached the HOV lanes), and the rest of the drive home went amazingly quickly. Including stopping at Colfax so I could catch up on work e-mail that had followed me, and getting groceries in Reno so we wouldn't have to go back in this coming weekend, we still arrived home in Fernley before 8 PM.

The bad news is that, despite reassurances from AT&T that our DSL had been re-established, it was not working. Resetting the modem did nothing. Besides, when you pick up the receiver on an unfiltered phone line, you don't here the DSL static. Unfortunately, since the DSL people apparently only work 7 AM - 5 PM Central Time Weekdays, there is nothing we can do until Monday, and even then I suspect the best we can hope for is them sending someone to look into the problem maybe on Tuesday and more likely later. This is not good. However, I do have unlimited bandwidth on my smartphone, can bridge it to my computer for internet connectivity, and get surprisingly good data-transfer speed (enough to stream audio from Giants baseball games), so I should be able to manage more or less until we get the DSL restored. But it may take some doing to restore our faith in AT&T, which until now has given us very good service other than the cock-ups with U-Verse.

Unfortunately, Lisa doesn't have a connection (the smartphone only easily bridges to my work machine, not to the router and our other computers), and is very much missing being able to access ActiveWorlds, where she actively participates.

We are also grateful that the weather has cooled enough that we can sleep in the house again. However, the forecast is for warmer weather ahead, and if necessary we can again retreat to the "lifeboat" (the travel trailer) where we have air conditioning.
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