Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


While stopping for groceries on the way home from the Bay Area on Friday night meant we didn't need to go a big grocery trip, it turns out that Lisa had a list of errands that needed doing in Reno/Sparks from other stores, so this morning we set out to take care of a number of pre-Westercon shopping tasks. I'm not going to say more about what we actually picked up because some of them are Sekrit Projects and require the starts to align just so to happen before Westercon. At the end of the sequence we went to Whole Foods in order to buy some good cheese, and ended up buying a couple of slices of pizza from them as well because a day of running around Reno and Sparks buying bits and pieces of things left us hungry and tired. By the time we got home, all we wanted to do was lie down. Still, we got things done. There's more to do this week while I'm here, though.
Tags: lisa, reno

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