Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Ready to Match the Stars

After lunch today, Lisa and I started digging out all of the Match Game gear from the storage area under the stairs. I also got the laser printer going and confirmed that it still works and works with one of my computers. (It's been more than a year since I last used it.) I went through the boxes of supplies and confirmed that there are enough blank index cards to print new questions.

Speaking of new questions: If you have an idea for a Match Game question, send it to me! If you don't already have my e-mail address, use my LJ handle and it will be forwarded to me. Remember that Match Game questions are not trivia questions that have a single right answer; they are fill-in-the-blank questions that have multiple possibilities, preferably ones that make people laugh.

Bad question: Albert Einstein said, "God does not play ___ with the universe."

Good question: Albert Einstein said, "God does not play dice with the universe; however, he does sometimes play ___ with it."

I've received the preliminary schedule for Westercon. Subject to last minute changes, there will be two shows:

  • Thursday, July 4 at 6 PM in the Atrium (Yes, out in the open atrium where the major events will be; the Opening Ceremonies follows our show in the same place, so I guess we're one of Westercon's opening acts.)

  • Saturday, July 6 at 10 PM or after the Masquerde, in the Zinfandel Folsom Room. This will be the "late night" edition, rated R+.

We're still looking for prize donors. Small prizes like books and t-shirts can be given as prizes to main game winners or Lovely Parting Gifts. Bigger prizes like book collections, gift certificates, convention memberships, etc. are Bonus Round prizes and only get awarded if the prize hits. (We have a surprisingly low incidence of Bonus Round matches.) Donors get sponsor credit, including a 30-second commercial read by the announcer during game breaks. Again, if you can donate something, please contact me so we can work out details.

Lisa and I are both going through our respective boxes (she has the tech gear, I have the "office" stuff including the questions). I discovered that two of the panelist answer whiteboards hadn't been cleaned after our last show (all the way back at Renovation), but fortunately we still had whiteboard cleaner and it worked. I tested the dry-erase pens, threw out the one that was dried out, and confirmed that we have more than enough of them (fifteen pens with six needed, which means we should have sufficient redundancy). Some of the boxes are wearing out; however, we have lots of Bankers Boxes, so I'll work on repacking them over the next couple of weeks. I do know that I'll feel much better when I have the question decks made up for at least eight games.

While I was typing this, I could hear the Match Game theme music booming from our speakers, so I guess Lisa is getting the tech gear running.

If you'll be at Westercon and are interested in helping out, we always need a couple of production assistants who can help move gear and distribute blank sheets of paper in the audience for people to sign up to be contestants.
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