Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

That's the Ball Game

As the Fresno Grizzlies finished up their four-game stand against the Reno Aces tonight, Lisa and I decided to go in for another ball game. This time we were ready for the weather we had on Tuesday night: multiple layers, a blanket, and so forth. So of course there was almost no wind and it was a fair bit warmer than Tuesday. We did end up prospectively adding layers as the game progressed, however, and ended up with no chattering teeth or heavy shivering. The turnout was much higher for Friday Fireworks Night (over 8,000, with a park that holds around 9,000) than Tuesday, and far more people stayed until the end, so we weren't able to self-upgrade to the close-in seats and instead watched the game from the top row of section 116. That still is only 19 rows back from the field one section into the right field outfield, and we still had the seats open around us, so we were comfortable.

It was another back-and-forth game, but alas, the Giants' AAA affiliate was unable to maintain any of the leads they got and lost to the Aces 12-7. It was exciting, though. For instance, in one of the late innings, Fresno got the second and third outs on pickoff plays at first base, with perfectly executed rundowns. The Grizzlies did commit two charged errors and several other mental mistakes that cost them several runs, and the manager may be having them do a little extra fielding practice down the road.

Also unlike Tuesday, this game didn't last until nearly midnight. Lisa had us leave right after the last out because the crowd was tiring her out, but we did pause a block away and watch the fireworks show before heading into downtown, through the casinos, and to the van. We had dinner in Sparks before going to the ballpark, and we each had an "eNVy dog" (a huge hot dog, and a good one, too), so we didn't feel the need for a late-night stop at the Nugget; besides, we were too early for the midnight special on steak and eggs. Instead, we picked up some drinks at the Petro truck stop and headed home to Fernley, under a nearly-full moon that made the nighttime drive through the Truckee River Canyon a bit less stressful.

All the same, I'm glad I don't have to set an alarm for Saturday morning.
Tags: baseball, lisa, reno

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