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Match Game: Prize Packages, Title Sequence

This afternoon, I set up what the six "winner" packages for the Match Game will be. Tomorrow I plan to print up the cards with the winner packages listed, then put them in envelopes printed with the game logo, and then scramble them so that even I don't know which prize is in which envelope. I'm grateful to the game sponsors. Thanks to them, we really will have a "bonus round," even if only a minor one.

Lisa suggested that I put the opening title sequence on the "replacement" laptop rather than my personal machine, and I thought that was a good idea. However, to do so, I needed to re-install Office -- or at least PowerPoint -- on the laptop. That ended up taking hours, as I had to go through several rounds of Windows Update and reboots before it was finished. Still, I now have that machine set up, and we can use it to drive the titles. I have a copy of the opening title announcement, with the points in it where the person operating the slides needs to advance the slides. Based on experience, trying to do it as a "timed" slide show won't work well, and it's better to just have someone advance the slides on the cues, particularly as the cues are a human announcer reading, so you can't get the timing exactly right, only close enough.

If necessary, Lisa can do the slide advances, but that might be tricky to do while she's also working on fading the title music up and down as required. I don't know how long the video cable on the data projector is, but it may not be physically possible to put the laptop PC and the sound board in the same place. We'll probably not figure this out until Sunday morning.

I've also sent an item to the BayCon Newsletter promoting the game and trying to get people to turn out for the promise of audience prizes. I know that when I edited newsletter, I appreciated pre-typed copy. Of course, e-mail was less ubiquitous back then, so the chance of someone e-mailing copy to me during the convention was nearly zero.

So many things still left to do! Tomorrow morning, I'll take cherylmorgan to SFO on my way to work. Then I still have my day job to get done (fortunately, things are fairly light this week), but I have a bunch of BayCon prep to do. I wish I could have taken Friday off, but I'm saving days off for other uses.
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