Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Beware the Shower of Doom

I do not expect a whole lot out of a cheap motel. I understand how run-down it is. It's a bed and a bathroom with a shower. What I didn't expect was a shower whose temperature cannot be adjusted. It is Very Hot. Not quite scalding, but uncomfortably hot. The temperature adjustment is broken, so I can't make it any cooler. I managed on Monday morning and left a written note with the front desk when I went to work at 5:45 AM. They didn't do anything about it. This morning I had to once again very gingerly shower. This evening when I got back from work, I went to the front desk to ask what was going on and whether possibly they could move me to another room with a shower that works. The front desk clerk said there was no record of my original request, and that they were sold out so that there were no rooms. She said she'd put in a work order and that "maybe they'll move you tomorrow if there's room." Which I assume means that they'd want me to be in the room during normal work hours, when I'm heading to the office before 6 AM and getting back close to 8 PM. Sigh.

Fortunately for me, my current office (like the former Menlo HQ in Redwood Shores) has showers in the building. So I'll pack stuff up tomorrow morning when I get up, move as much of my things to the van as possible, head to the office early, and shower there before going to work.

Oddly enough, I noticed that they just today raised their "headline" rate on their sign by $5/night. Well, it's still cheap, but I would hope I could get a shower without scalding myself.
Tags: motels, travel, work

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