Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Still Too Much Hot Water

When I got back to the motel about 9 PM, the shower still hadn't been fixed. And it was the same story at the front desk, with a third person in three days. Each one of them has had the same reaction, has written down the issue, and said that s/he will pass it on. The second and third persons have said there was no record of the previous reports and that s/he can't do anything themselves. Nor can they move me to another room. That can only done during the day when the manager is there. The fact that I'm not here during the hours that the person who can actually do anything doesn't matter; these people are helpless and under orders. Sigh. I rather expect that it will never be fixed, including after me leaving. After all, if they can keep selling the room to people who are desperate enough to rent here, they'll do it and avoid spending any money at all if they can.

This morning, I used the shower at the office for the first time. I feared that I might have traded too hot for too cold, but it was just that I was the first person who had used it that morning and it took a long time for the hot water to make its way to the shower. It works, but it's annoying. At this rate, I should have just taken out the rear seat of the van, slept there and saved the motel rental.
Tags: motels, travel

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