Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Q Branch has outdone itself...

Match Game SF is one of Westercon's "opening acts," as our "daytime" show is on Thursday, the first day of the convention, at 6 PM in the hotel Atrium just before the Opening Ceremonies. We have a second "Late Night" show on Saturday night at 10 PM (or after the Masquerade, whichever is later) in the Folsom Room.

The online schedule application Westercon is using is superb. Check it out!

Originally posted by bovil at Q Branch has outdone itself...
Originally posted by bovil at Q Branch has outdone itself...

...and Westercon 66 has a mobile-friendly online schedule, thanks to our friends at Finncon and the 2015 Helsinki Worldcon bid!

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