Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cold Water at Last

I got back to the hotel this evening, and to my relief, I found that they had replaced the broken valve on the shower. I now have both hot and cold water and everything in-between, instead of just very hot water. Therefore, I don't have to haul everything with me to the office and use the shower there tomorrow morning. It only took them three days from when I first reported it to get it fixed.

I'm going to promote from a reply a bit of analysis of what my options are on hotel rooms, along with a selection of room prices that I hope explains why I'm hunting around the low end.

I am not staying in San Francisco, which is 30 miles north of me. I work in Mountain View, on the Peninsula. Anything there, or San Jose, or Southern Alameda county (Hayward south) works okay. Here are the best rates I can find (AAA or extended stay rate where available), before tax, for a selection of places. Rates are per night, sometimes averaged:

Ramada Inn: $124 Mountain View (close to office)
Country Inn: $116 Mountain View (closest to office)
Holiday Inn and Affiliates: $109 Union City
America's Best Value Inn: $106 Mountain View
Extended StayAmerica: $105 Milpitas returns $96 for the Camino Inn & Suites, Mountain View
Vagabond Inn: $66 San Jose (10th night free, so effectively only about $60; however, it may require payment in advance, no changes)
Caravelle Inn & Suites: $70 San Jose
Motel 6: $60 Sunnyvale (Substantially closer to my office than where I am right now)
Motel 6: $46 Newark (shares a fence with where I am right now)
EZ-8: $43 Newark (where I am right now)

I think it rather likely that I'll try Motel 6 Newark next time I have a chance, as $3/night more is acceptable for a clean, comfortable room. There's no refrigerator, although I can finesse that if Lisa will let me take the electric ice chest.

A further complication is that on the next trip, Lisa will probably be with me because we want to take her to the osteopath again if we can. I need a better room in that case because she will be living in the room rather than just sleeping in it. Also, she hates shower-only hotels, so Motel 6 is out.
Tags: bay area, motels, travel

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