Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hot Hot Hot

Because I knew it was going to be so hot today, I got up very early and went to work at 5 AM to beat some of the heat. It was at least rather nice until the sun came up. I had intended to stop work around 1:30, but an urgent request came in while I was having lunch in the relative comfort of our air-conditioned travel trailer, so I had to go back into the 33°C heat of the house.

Lisa improvised the mini-swamp cooler (a personal mister spraying in front of fan), which was quite effective, but requires recharging every few minutes. Later in the afternoon the heat slightly abated due to thunderstorm clouds in the area. There was no rain on us, but a brief dust storm barreled through, obliging us to close to windows to keep out the dust until it abated.

This is not ordinary weather here. It's usually a few degrees cooler than this, and it normally cools off at night, which it's not really doing during this heat wave. Worse, it's actually supposed to be hotter in Sacramento during Westercon. I don't think we'll be heading out for long walks while we're at the Hilton. Air conditioning FTW!
Tags: fernley, house, weather, work

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