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Match Game: Panelist Briefing

I've been asked if the Match Game panelists (and staff, including me, Announcer Eric, and sound tech Lisa) could get together on Saturday to refresh everyone's game mechanics. Unfortunately, checking Saturday's schedule, at least one of our panelists (and sometimes more) are on other panels except during the 5:30 PM block. So, I propose that those of panelists who can do so meet with me on Saturday at 5:30 in the Fanzine Lounge on the 2nd floor (assuming Chris Garcia doesn't mind us using the Fanzine Lounge that way -- I figured it would be easier on him on account of he's running it).

It's likely that we all will not be able to meet. That's okay; we'll do what we can. I would like for Lisa and Eric to get a chance to practice with the equipment a bit, so we can get the timing on the opening titles right.

I have printed the Bonus Round prize envelopes and inserts and scrambled them up so that even I don't know what is in which envelope. I've printed the MG logo on the backs of the 4 x 6 cards we will use both for answers and for the audience members to write their names so they can have a chance to play. I've printed the panelist name tents. (I know that BayCon gives panelists name tents, but not all of our panelists are official BayCon program participants, so I made standard, Match Game-esque, first-name-only name tents.)

Still left to do:

Print the large MG banner

Write short prize descriptions to go with each prize. ("Eric, tell us what our contestant has just won!")

Write PSA-ish ad copy for a couple of fannish good causes I've agreed to plug during the show.
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