Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Giving You the Westercon Business

The Westercon Business Meeting was this morning. The only business was the formal announcement of the 2015 Westercon Site Selection results. There were 113 total ballots cast, of which 105 had a preference, and therefore 53 votes were needed to elect (majority). San Diego, the only bid on the ballot, received 92 votes, with 5 for None of the Above, 2 for Reno, and 9 other individual write-in votes. Here's the video of the meeting:

It may not be obvious, but there was a quorum of at least 15 members present. Most of them were sitting behind where Lisa was running the camera, as we discovered that we get much better sound and video quality if she works from mid-room away from the air vent. Regrettably, San Diego's video presentation was very low-contrast, and therefore doesn't show up well in the video. Lisa points out that it was hard to read in the room where she was standing behind the camera.

There was no other business, so after San Diego made their presentation and answered some questions, the meeting adjourned sine die. There will therefore be no proposals forwarded to Salt Lake City for action.
Tags: business meeting, smof, westercon

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