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Best Show Evar

That was very possibly the best Match Game SF show we have ever done. The room was set up almost perfectly. (I say almost because it's nearly impossible to get double risers, which would have made it work better.) The room was completely full, more chairs were brought in, they filled up, SRO and people being turned away (I'm sorry about that last). Lisa says we had more than 100 attending before she lost count.

We did four shows, and the audience seemed sorry that we were done after the fourth was over. I am so happy with how it all turned out. Big thanks to Westercon for letting us do two shows and for making the room resets we needed, to everyone who came and played, to our panelists who were funny and good sports, and to the crew: Producer Bob Hole, Announcer Eric Larson, Lead Tech Lisa Hayes, and Technical Supervisor Kuma Bear (with help from Ba Bear tonight) and our production assistants whose names have now gone completely out of my head. Updated: Jim and June, per below. You made me look so good up there that I don't know how to thank you enough.

We took photos. However, we're utterly exhausted and too beat to pull them out of the camera and post them now. After breaking down the show and hauling everything back to the room, I briefly considered making a brief pass through the party floor, but realized that I could barely walk at that point and instead have been working on unwinding sufficiently to be able to go to sleep. Thank goodness we have no morning commitments on the final day of Westercon, because we must sleep in some on Sunday in order to recover from this.

I think I get a hint of why people who work in entertainment industries work as hard as they do, even if they aren't very well paid. The thanks I get from y'all who enjoyed the shows so much makes me know it's worth it.
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