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Whew, What a Day

I wish I hadn't put off so many things until so late. Worse, the act of doing some of the things on my list reminded me of other things that I hadn't done but should have done. Let's see:

BASFA Flyer (Required updating the old one that still had the Saratoga/Sunnyvale address

ConStruction flyer, because the ConStruction committee are all busy working on FanimeCon (Required updating the flyer to include the current year information.

Print flyers for John Hertz's Dancing and Joking collection (a benefit for TAFF & DUFF). Stop press: I actually got e-mail from John, as (per arrangement), he got a throwaway Hotmail account so he could e-mail me the flyer document, saving him having to mail me stuff.

Print 40 copies of Emerald City for use at BayCon.

Convince giant plotter to print Match Game banner (Took several tries, all of which were time consuming; nothing goes fast with the DesignJet printer.)

Oh, my ghod, I almost forgot the Match Game promotional flyers, which I hadn't even designed. And of course, one bright idea leads to another, as I made eight different versions of the flyer, each with a different heading, so as to (I hope) raise more interest. But thinking up new fill-in-the-blank headings took time. ("Set phasers on _____!", "Dumb Dora was so dumb... she didn't come to MATCH GAME", "'Klaatu barada nicto' really means ______!", and so forth)

Ack, the SMOFCon Scholarships form hadn't been finished! That meant finalizing the form, fiddling around with that section of the web site, and testing and debugging it. Which led to follow-ons like fixing the mail forwarding for the Scholarship committee, which had an out-of-date address in it. Oh, and yes, this message is probably the first sort-of-public announcement that SFSFC is doing scholarships again. More formal announcements after BayCon, but if anyone sees this and wants to go download the PDF from the link I cited, feel free to distribute the paper form.

And all of the other stuff I mentioned earlier today.

Now I think I may be able to go home and pack, as I'll go straight from work to BayCon tomorrow. Lisa called this morning to tell me she was on her way and will arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.
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