Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon's Champagne Fanzine Lounge

I did not intend to take pictures during the Westercon 66 Closing Ceremonies, so all I had was my smartphone, but I did manage to catch a picture that shows why the Fanzine Lounge, with its window overlooking the Atrium, was The Cool Place To Be during much of the convention.

On stage is Dave Doering, chairman of Westercon 67, during the "handover" portion of the Westercon 66 Closing Ceremonies. Looking down from the window in the Fanzine Lounge that overlooked the atrium is Chris Garcia, who is WC67's Fan Guest of Honor. Surprisingly, the windows are nearly soundproof, so Chris couldn't hear what was going on. At one point, Dave announced Chris and told us all to point at the window, which we did, and Chris responded accordingly.

The Sacramento Hilton was a good place to hold a convention when we held Eclecticon there, and it's better now, although not perfect (food service may always be a challenge). It's a pity that there are no local "organizing" fans in the Sacramento area prepared to take on the challenge of holding a general SF convention there. Most (not all) of us who ran Eclecticon either gafiated or moved on to other places, but there are still members of the Old Gang around, like Pat Turner, who co-ran Programming with me at Eclecticon 5 in 1991 and who was one of those who make the Con Suite happen this year at Westercon.
Tags: fandom, westercon

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