Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Triumph of the Slayer

I have a post office box in Sunnyvale, California. I hate having to give the address over the phone because people cannot get the name right, even when I spell it out. They insist on spelling it Sunnydale. Even though I said S-U-N-N-Y-V-as-in-Victor-A-L-E. It is at least as bad as the people who spell my name wrong even though I'm very careful to warn them that I'm going to tell them my name and they are going to spell it wrong unless they wait for me to spell it for them. Nobody has ever gotten it right the first time without my spelling it out. I don't expect them to do so. Everyone wants to spell my name like a tool company, and everyone wants to spell my address like a fictional city where Buffy lived.
Tags: logistics
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