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5 Cons: A Tale of Westercon 66

johnnyeponymous (Chris Garcia) has released an installment of his "5 Cons" series that is nominally about Westercon 66 but that is really about the wild situation that led to the Westercon 64 Business Meeting selecting the "Granzella" hoax bid to run Westercon 66 when no eligible bid polled a majority in the election at Westercon 64. I make a brief grainy appearance in this video when Chris uses the front still from the video of the Westercon 66 Business Meeting to illustrate it.

I'm sorry I didn't know where he was going with this video; I could have given him the source video files from that meeting in case he wanted to use them rather than the lower-quality video we posted online.

I enjoyed this video and look forward to the other installments. I just wish I'd remembered to contribute to the project when Chris was trying to get it funded. Sorry, Chris!
Tags: business meeting, westercon

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