Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Relying on Generosity of BASFA

I dropped my van with my regular mechanic in Fremont yesterday and took Amtrak back to San Jose. (The issues are relatively minor: I've asked him to check the air conditioning prior to my setting out for San Antonio next month, and also replace a broken emergency-flasher switch if he can find a replacement. Fortunately for me it broke in the off position.) So I'm tied to transit for getting between my hotel in North First Street in San Jose and my office in Mountain View. I can manage it (the 12 mile trip takes about 90 minutes by a combination of light rail and shuttle bus), and I can even get to BASFA tonight, but the buses stop running before the meeting ends, so I hope someone will be willing to take me at least as far as the nearest light rail station and preferably back to my hotel.
Tags: basfa, transit
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