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What Else Might I Have Forgotten?

One of the reasons I make a decent engineer (and an irritating manager, as those of you who have had to suffer under me at ConJose and Interaction know) is that I obsess over details. Planning for a convention, especially one where I have an ambitious project like Match Game, involves dozens of fiddly little details. In some respects, being able to drive my van to the con -- and not really wanting to have to go back home, as it would cost me a couple of hours of fairly precious time -- makes things worse. That's because I tend to bring along things not because I know I will need them, but only because I might need them. So I travel very heavily. It was worse at ConJose, but even now I have two or three boxes, my large rolling bag, my suit, my WSFS captain's hat and the rest of the uniform, my folding luggage cart, and various bits of kibble that got tossed into the van "in case it might be useful."

I tend to make lists, starting some days before the convention. I have to do this, or I'd never remember things. So many things to pack. And so many things to forget. Even when I've ticked everything off the list, I worry that I've forgotten to write something on the list.

This morning, when my alarm went off to tell me it was time for a blood sugar test, I discovered that my meter was not in my briefcase where it belongs. Oh, phooey. I must have left it at home. That means having to swing back over to Fremont before heading to the Doubletree, which will cost me a minimum of 90 minutes.

Then I got an idea, and trotted out to my van and looked in my luggage. Aha! I'd tossed the meter in with my blood pressure cuff. This isn't the correct place for it, but at least I have it with me. On the other hand, at the same time I realized that I'd left my electric razor behind. Fortunately, I have a blade razor that I carry in my overnight kit as a backup. I don't like to use it because my skin is more sensitive than you might think when you look at my Fred Flinstone-equese permanent five o'clock shadow, but the razor by itself is insufficient justification for making a trip back to Fremont.

I only hope that leaving the electric razor behind was a sufficient offering to Murphy that I won't have forgotten anything else.

Having the blood sugar meter with me is more important at a convention than in normal routine, due to the erratic nature of my meals and activities. I'm already in "convention mode" even though I haven't left the office yet -- I will soon -- and my post-breakfast reading (2 hours rather than the normal 1 hour after eating) was only 71, which is a little low. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the problems I've had at conventions in the past few years, particularly when I've been more irritable or snappish than usual, could be attributable to low blood sugar.

Okay, as soon as I get these last bits of miscellaneous work off my desk, I can get out of here, go eat lunch, and head off to the Doubletree. BayCon, Ho!
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