Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Minvan Update

My minivan has been with my preferred mechanic in Fremont all this week taking care of some non-critical (the van still runs) but important (I want the air conditioning to work for the road trip to San Antonio, among other things) issues. This afternoon, my mechanic told me that he expects me to be able to have the van tomorrow afternoon. This is good and bad. The good news is that I get my van back. The bad news is that it scrambles up my personal logistics a bit, because I have to change hotels tomorrow. Therefore, I'm going to have to pack everything and lug my bag to work with me, then on up to Fremont in order to collect my minivan. I'll manage, but it will be a hassle.

I don't really hold Cory-the-mechanic responsible for this. I'd made the various hotel plans (which involve four different hotels and five different runs of stays over a two-week period) before realizing that now is the best and maybe only time I could get him to work on the only-partially-working air conditioning, and while he was at it, to fix a problem with the turn indicator and the broken emergency flasher switch. The AC needed more work than originally expected (the rear AC wasn't putting out any cold air), so it's taking longer than planned. Had I known it would take that long, I probably would have made different hotel plans.

Oh, well, they already think I'm odd at work, so seeing me haul my luggage in tomorrow morning won't be too much more weirdness. I'll find room for it somewhere.
Tags: travel, van

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