Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Magical Driving Thinking

My van is in with my mechanic today in order to install a part that wasn't available when I first took it to him a couple of weeks ago and to do a final check-up on it in preparation for driving to San Antonio. For logistical reasons, I can't do the transit-only trick this time and have to rent a car, so I walked the couple of blocks to Enterprise after dropping the van at the shop. While they were setting up the rental, I explained why the van was in the shop and that I would be driving to San Antonio later this month.

"How far is that," said the agent.

"Oh, about 1500 miles one-way."

The agent said, "Oh, wow, so that's, what, one full day of driving, right?"

Either this fellow has never actually driven cross-country or else he doesn't need food, sleep, or restroom breaks. Heck, we didn't even allow that much distance in my long-haul truckload modeling with team drivers, where one driver sleeps in the back of the truck while the other one keeps moving on.

I made the San Antonio trip plans based on roughly 350 miles/day. Yes, I could probably go more than that (and we will on a couple of the days). But I don't want to spend 16 hours/day driving, and I simply can't drive without a break every couple of hours. I'm getting old and cranky about this.
Tags: driving, worldcon

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