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BayCon: Saturday Morning

We slept in this morning (luxury!), which we certainly will not be able to do tomorrow. Rolling down to the Coffee Garden, we got there fifteen minutes before the breakfast buffet closed, but we made the best of it; possibly too much, actually. But we did go out for a short walk to burn a bit of the carbs.

Changing into our WSFS uniforms, we tossed on our Space Cadet sashes and headed down to the L.A.con IV table, where we'd volunteered to sit while they did their 1 PM panel. However, there are apparently so many volunteers that we weren't needed, so we went and sat in the panel instead.

I fired up my computer and tried to raise the wireless network; however, it appears that you can't connect to the wireless network in the function rooms if the doors are closed.

After the panel, we found some tables that were unoccupied and had chairs, so we sat down and I was able to connect and compose this message and check my mail. As usual, I hardly know what to do with myself at a con other than sit behind a table and interact with people.

Our friend Raven O'Neill came by and she and Lisa are discussing costuming and the fine details of her rocket-pack. We also had our picture taken several times, some of which may appear on-line eventually and I will point to if I find them.

I have, of course, had to explain the WSFS uniforms repeatedly to people. I have different levels of explanation, starting with the one-sentence, "It's related to last year's Worldcon in Glasgow," and working outwards in levels of details. One person in particular took our photo and asked what our costumes were. Now, I eventually got the idea that he really wanted all costumes to be re-creations of television or movies productions with which he was personally familiar, but I tried to explain. This wasn't easy. He had a vague idea of a "World Science Fiction Convention" -- he said he attended one many years ago -- but had never heard of the Hugo Award, and didn't know there was a Worldcon coming up later this year in Southern California. Eventually he got bored and left. Sigh.
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