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Kevin Standlee

Stage 6: Fort Stockton to San Antonio

This morning we completely threw out our plan to swing south for tourism because we wanted to be in San Antonio in time to register for the convention on Wednesday when it's generally calmer. Therefore, all time projections went away as we got on I-10 to go straight to San Antonio.

FortStockton (00)
Before leaving Fort Stockton, however, we stopped to have a closer look at the Fort Stockton train depot, now owned by the city and operated as a visitor center. This photo explains the history of the station better.

FortStockton (03)
The active BNSF, ex-Santa Fe line ends north of here, and you can see a locomotive switching cars in the distance.

FortStockton (04)
South of the station stretches the inactive line to Mexico.

FortStockton (12)
Lisa lets travelswithkuma have a better look inside one of the ex-Santa Fe cabooses. This one has been converted to a conference room inside.

FortStockton (10)
Kuma stands on the caboose platform and says, "I didn't knows yous could takes the trains to Helsinkis! Let's goes!"

Leaving Fort Stockton, we got on I-10 where I saw something I've never seen in my life before: an 80 MPH speed limit. Nothing in California is above 70, and Nevada doesn't exceed 75. My minivan can go that fast, eventually, but it isn't easy and the mileage drops dramatically; however, it certainly does eat up the miles.

There's not a whole lot to the rest of the trip into San Antonio because we deliberately were trying to hurry up. We got so see some of the Texas Hill Country, which is more interesting than the parts of southern New Mexico and west Texas through which we drove yesterday. However, Lisa did notice this and took a photo of it when we stopped for a few minutes at a rest area to have lunch.

Helicopter (1)
At first we thought this might be a sprayer fogging for mosquitoes, but there's no tank; besides, it was paralleling the high-tension power lines. We assume the booms must be cameras or sensors of some sort inspecting the power lines.

We got to San Antonio at 3 PM, traveling 332 miles in 6 1/2 hours including stops, which for us is pretty fast travel. That makes it 1,852 miles since we left Fernley: we're here, and it's time for Worldcon!
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