Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon Day 2: Whew, WSFS

As you may have determined by the previous two entries, I spent nearly all day immersed in WSFS stuff. We had to be down there about 9 AM to make sure we had everything set up. Worries started early when Don Eastlake was standing outside the locked room. All of the other function rooms on the 0 level (Riverwalk) were unlocked and open except 006CD, where the Business Meeting is. Fortunately, someone finally turned up and unlocked the door giving us enough time for Lisa to get the camera set up, for Don to get the computer and projector for slides working, and for everyone to get the microphones working and the lectern in place.

Then there was the 2-plus hour meeting and the tear down of the equipment. Lisa and I went to lunch with Linda Deneroff after the meeting, and then I went back to the room to write up the meeting while Lisa went and sat at the Luna Society table. I tried setting the Business Meeting videos to download through my smartphone connection, posted my report of the Meeting, and went to find Lisa.

After all this, we actually got a whole hour to actually walk through the dealers room and some of the exhibits. Wow! We can't go into the Art Show because they make Lisa leave her backpack (and travelswithkuma) at the door, and she won't do that. But we can tour the exhibits. And we also got both our Worldcon and NASFiC Site Selection ballots cast.

I was relieved to see that the large ballot box (originally purchased by CostumeCon and now being passed from Worldcon to Worldcon) did not get lost and is being used for Worldcon Site Selection. NASFiC, however, had a plain cardboard box. Joni Dashoff, who is running Site Selection, said to me that she wishes that she had asked for Westercon to loan them the Westercon box (same design, but smaller; the two boxes nest together). I groaned. That ballot box is sitting in my home office, and it would have been trivially easy for me to put it in the van and carry it to LSC3. I'll be carrying it to Salt Lake City next year for Site Selection there. But everyone I ever asked about it said, "Oh, it's too small; they'll have to get a new box." Everyone except the person who actually would have made the decision, who would have been happy to have the smaller, nice box instead of the improvised solution. Sigh.

Anyway, after voting and actually looking at some of the convention, we went back to the room, where I gave up on the smartphone and then broke down and bought the $16/day fast broadband. On the bright side, up to five devices can use the connection, and I did bring the router, so Lisa could get online with ActiveWorlds as well later. But first, I set the four Business Meeting videos to uploading, which took an hour or so as I recall. We went to dinner while they uploaded. Coming back from dinner, we met Linda Deneroff and we all took a walk down the Riverwalk, as Lisa and I had a small errand at the CVS/Pharmacy anyway.

Taking a longer walk after that was a bad idea. Although it's cooler at night, it's still hot and muggy, and Lisa started getting sick. We struggled our way back to the hotel, where Lisa could take a bath and cool off in our room, which we can cool to a livable temperature. She took the night off and caught up with ActiveWorlds while I made the rounds of the parties.

At Midnight, I found myself turning into a pumpkin and returned to the room. Now I must try to get the five or six hours sleep I can expect to get before we're up early again on Saturday before we do it all over again. Except maybe the part about taking walks that make us sick.
Tags: business meeting, site selection, westercon, worldcon, wsfs

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