Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Main Business Meeting Videos

I haven't written up the results of today's meeting yet, but I was able to set the videos to uploading before going to lunch, and they are now online:

There was a lot less material today, and the meeting lasted a lot less time than on Friday, but that's because the Preliminary Business Meeting disposed of so much of the material originally submitted.

Part 1: Constitutional Amendments in Agenda Section 4 (Publications, Membership Costs and Rights, WSFS Accountability Act, Expand Best Fan Artist)

Part 2: Constitutional Amendments in Agenda Section 2 (From the HEROW Committee: Reducing 3/4 majorities to 2/3 for eligibility extensions; Making the non-US Works eligibility extension permanent.)

My thanks to gerisullivan and the people who donated cash to help pay for the $16/day high-speed internet connectivity. It's all covered now, thanks to those donations and pledges from Cheryl and Lisa and from LSC3 to cover the rest.
Tags: business meeting, hugo award, lonestarcon, worldcon, wsfs
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