Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Site Selection Business Meeting Videos

There are a lot more videos (12 of them) from the Site Selection Meeting, but they're all relatively short, because Lisa tried to do in-camera editing to separate each section.

Part 1: Call to Order, 2014 NASFiC Results, Initial Presentation

Part 2: Worldcon Site Selection Results

Part 3: 2015 Worldcon Initial Presentation

Part 4: Short interlude before Recess

Part 5: Question Time for Loncon 3

Part 6: Nippon 2017 Bid

Part 7: Montreal 2017 Bid

Part 8: Baltimore-Washingon in 2017 or later Exploratory Committee

Part 9: Dublin in 2019

Part 10: New Zealand in 2020

Part 11: North Texas in 2021

Part 12: Committee appointments, Closing announcements, and Adjournment sine die
Tags: business meeting, nasfic, worldcon, wsfs

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