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Worldcon Day 4: No Time

There was a Site Selection Business Meeting, about which I've already written. There was then a Worldcon Chairs Photo, the video of which I haven't yet posted, but will do so on Monday before the final day of high-speed internet service we purchased (and again, thanks to everyone for contributions toward the cost).

After that, the Mark Protection Committee met. The MPC elected me Chairman again, but it wasn't unanimous; Deb Geisler, recently appointed representative of Detcon 1 (Detroit NASFiC), was also nominated for the job. Don Eastlake presided over the election. The final result was 7-6 in my favor, after Don broke the tie by voting for me.

The MPC renewed both the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee and Worldcon Website Working Group more or less as currently constituted. The meeting didn't last long because many of the attendees had to rush off to other meetings.

I went back to the hotel room then to see how Lisa was doing. She was quite sick last night; we think she's allergic to San Antonio, because she got just this sick right after our 3-hour layover here a year ago on the train, when we took a walk to the Riverwalk from the train station. She dragged herself to the Business Meeting to take the videos, but then went back to the room to lie down.

After I got the video from the camera onto my computer, Lisa and I met Linda Deneroff for lunch; Lisa was feeling well enough to go out and was hungry. When we returned to the room. Lisa lay down to get some rest, and I worked on Business Meeting Videos and report. Partway through this, it struck me like lightning that I'd completely spaced my 1 PM panel about the Hugo Awards, and I was supposed to moderate it. I hope people don't fault me too much; Lisa was sick, and WSFS Business swallowed me up.

In the afternoon, I checked out the Grand Salon where the Hugos would be staged that evening, confirmed that I could get into the local wi-fi network with my password, and that CoverItLive was ready to work. While I was doing that, rehearsals were happening. I acted as a stand-in acceptor for the crew (and Paul Cornell) to work with for one category, which was fun. Then I went back to the room to briefly try to rest a bit.

About 6:30, I got into my suit and headed back to the Salon (which is fortunately in the Marriott) and took my position forward of the Tech Desk in mid-room. LSC3 provided a section for press (including me) with a table in front of it to make it easier to do the CoverItLive Coverage. While setting up, I decided to plug my smartphone into the computer and turn its bridge function on, just in case.

The CoverItLive coverage of the Hugos went pretty well, although early on there was a glitch in the local wi-fi network, and when I realized I was offline, rather than try to restore the local wi-fi link, I just swapped over to the smartphone, which had more than enough bandwidth for the text-only CIL-cast. Fortunately, Cheryl was already doing her part as the Studio Coordinator. We couldn't have done this without her. I was too busy posting results to review comments, and Mur Lafferty was too busy winning the Campbell Award (Yay, Mur!) to do so. Without Cheryl up in the wee hours of the morning, we would have had a very difficult time moderating comments.

The CIL-cast had over 800 people (822, I think was the peak), with the count going up when they couldn't see the streaming video. We need to stress over and over here that this year, there was no problem at the Ustream end. It appears to have been some sort of technical problem at the San Antonio end. I know nothing more than this, not having been involved in any of the arrangements for the video streaming.

After the Hugo Awards, I went back to the room and spent the next couple of hours getting the Hugo Awards web site pages for 2013 updated, the details of the voting posted, and an announcement post to the site posted. (LoneStarCon 3 had the lead on the posts; because I was too busy with the CIL-cast, I didn't even try to get an announcement up on until a couple of hours later. I hope that doesn't make people think we were too behind the times.)

After 1 AM or so, Lisa (who was feeling a bit better) and I went out to a few parties. But not too much. And unfortunately, I find that I have an 8:30 AM meeting, albeit not a three-hour WSFS Business Meeting.

I'd like to write more, but I'm too exhausted.
Tags: business meeting, hugo awards, lonestarcon, worldcon, wsfs
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