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BayCon: Saturday Evening

We had dinner in the Coffee Garden: again, it was convenient and fast, but not really the best food. The ribs and garlic mashed potatoes were okay, but the corn had been on that steam table a bit too long. After dinner, we took a walk all the way out to the end of the "Back 40" overflow parking lot. This convention is "sold out" of parking. Every space in the hotel's main lot, and everything in the overflow, was full. I didn't see any parking spaces at all, and a lot of people circling around trying to park. I've no idea where they parked. I'm glad I got here on Friday, and I sure as heck won't move my van now.

I changed back into my WSFS uniform, while Lisa put on her "classic" Star Trek blue uniform, and dressed Kuma Bear in his matching blue uniform and put him in the BEAR-o-metric chamber. We headed out for the parties, which as usual had taken over most of the second floor, with some smaller, quieter parties on the third floor.

The party lists in the newsletter had only a vague connection to what was actually out there. Chicago in 2008, for instance, was listed both nights but didn't hold a party at all, although they do have an info table. (The other two 2008 bids have basically no presence, although Columbus does have the fliers and bookmarks I delivered on their behalf.) There was supposedly a party for Norwescon, but I never found it.

Not surprisingly, after a circuit of the party floor -- including the gigantic extended party on the outer deck -- I ended up in the L.A.con IV party, where I spent the rest of the evening in extended smoffing. Lisa socialized with Raven O'Neill, who was in her red "classic" Trek uniform and thus matched up with her. Lisa was very happy at how many people were here in costume from the original Trek, including some Klingons from that era.

Shortly after midnight, we tried to pack it in and headed back to the room. dinogrl, however, had found me in the party and handed me the ad copy for her Match Game ad, so I needed to type that up for tomorrow morning. How to print it? The hotel has a service whereby you can go to a certain web site and print some common document types like MS Word and PDF, and it will give you a code number that you take to the hotel front desk, where they will print it off for you. The SJ Doubletree makes the first ten pages free, with pages $1 each thereafter, but I only needed the one page, so I printed it and collected it, and it worked fine.

Unfortunately, Lisa's replacement machine is giving her fits, and it's made her unhappy. She's announced that she's not tired, and got dressed again and headed out for a while. I'm running the diagnostics. Soon, however, I must get to bed, because I've set the alarm for 7 AM so that I can get far enough ahead to have things set up for the show tomorrow morning.
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