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Match Game: Success!

I was up extra-early for me at a con (7 AM; I understand that this was when Christian McGuire went to bed) so I could go eat breakfast in a leisurely, unrushed manner. Lisa, who had not come back last night, joined me part-way through -- it appears she was coming down the elevator as I was going up. She'd been very restless and stayed up watching anime and wandering around, then went and slept in her van (it has a bed in the back, and she's used to sleeping in her 3-ton security blanket).

After breakfast, we went up to the room and carried the Match Game set down to the Gateway Foyer in my rolling luggage, which is much easier to manage than the boxes in which it was originally packed. We were of course extremely early for the 11:30 show, arriving about 9:30 or so. The stage was set pretty much the way we wanted it. I put up the two paper MG logo signs: one directly behind the panelists center stage, and one facing out over the stairway so that people could see it from downstairs and know they were in the right place.

Tech rolled in a sound board and secured a data projector for us, and Lisa worked with them to get our audio devices plugged in and working. A technical problem with the equipment and an ungrounded circuit that led to interference caused by the convention radio network led to a persistent hum on one of the two recorders. This meant that Lisa was forced to use just the one box, which made it harder on her, because the big boom box does not have a tape counter, and that made it more difficult for her to re-cue tapes. She worked on adjusting sound levels.

I worked on getting the data projector working and confirmed that the animation in the PowerPoint worked. By then, we had an early-arriving volunteer to be our Production Assistant, and he did a great job helping me set up the stage, place cards, and he minded the cards people filled out to be contestants. Thank you, yourbob!

Arriving very early allowed us the appropriate amount of technical time, so we were not rushed. The panelists began to roll in after 11 AM, and we got everyone situated. The audience began to arrive and fill out entrant cards. With everything in place, we started at 11:30 AM on the dot, with Eric Larson booming out "Get ready to match the fannish stars!" while the Main Title rolled.

We had a great show. Contestants were really into the game, and the panelists were on good form. We didn't get a lot of matches -- I think our best contestant managed 3, and we had one 0-0 tie that had to go to sudden death -- but as far as I can tell, everyone enjoyed themselves.

We only played five of the projected six games, and were running out of time, and managed to have a sudden-death tie-breaker itself end in a tie. We decided to give both contestants the remaining two prizes, so all six prizes were given away. We did promos in all the episode breaks, including the two shortest ones in a single break, so every sponsor got their commercial read once.

Thank you to everyone who made the game a success: panelists, contestants, tech support, announcer, and sound crew. I had a great time presenting it, and hope we get a chance to do it again sometime.

Fortunately, there was nothing immediately after us, so we had an hour to break down the set, which is good because it took a while to clean up everything. Then it was back to the room to give me a chance to cool off -- my business suit is very warm.

There were lots of people taking pictures. I hope I get to see some of them on-line eventually.
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