Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Morale Booster

Thank you for the positive messages (including the ones posted elsewhere that I can see) about the work I've been doing. I know it takes a lot more effort to post positive messages than negative ones, and intellectually I know I should be counting the positives more than the negatives, but wow, it's not easy. I can certainly see why some really talented conrunners have reached the point of saying, "Why in the world should I keep doing this when the people who actually benefit from my work are the ones screaming at me the loudest? Why shouldn't I walk away and just let it die and then see people screaming even louder that the things aren't getting done?"

Anyway, thank you again for letting me know that there are people who appreciate what I and others have done and that I'm not some Evil Person Out To Destroy The World the way some folks seem to think I am.
Tags: fandom, worldcon, wsfs
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