Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Making the Best of Things

Because of the spread between checking out from the Holiday Inn and back into the Vagabond, I had some time to kill this afternoon, so I decided to go in to the office and get productive things done. (It also makes it easier to justify leaving at lunch on Friday of this week.) As if to pay my karma back, I was offered a free upgrade to the next-better-quality room at the Vagabond in return for less-often housekeeping, which was a double win in my book; I told them not to bother with housekeeping service for the week that I'm here.

Last night, while checking my online banking to make sure all my scheduled bill payments had gone out, I discovered that I had too much money in the account: nearly $7,100 too much, due to a deposit being credited to my account that I hadn't made. Investigating, I discovered that someone had written the wrong account number on a deposit slip for an over-the-counter deposit and nobody had caught it. This morning, I got on the phone to Bank of America and reported it. A supervisor was able to take the money out of my account and credit it to the correct account. He thanked me for being honest. I was just thinking about how bad I would have felt if I'd deposited $7,100 on Friday needing it Monday morning and found it wasn't there.
Tags: banking, hotels, work

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