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BayCon: Sunday Afternoon

After winding down from Match Game, we hit the Coffee Garden for lunch (the penne pasta off the menu was not too bad) and then it was on to my last panel of the con: Not Everyone Drives to the Convention, a talk that started with ways of getting to BayCon that don't involve driving a car but then spiraled outward to discuss public transit, rail systems, high-speed rail, and convention travel stories.

That finished, I decided it would be a good idea to take the Match Game kit back to my van now, so I don't have to deal with it in the morning. We also returned one of Lisa's suitcases to her van, and we made another stop in the Dealers' Room, where I gave paper copies of the SMOFCon Scholarship Application Form to David Clark and Tom Whitmore, who are also on the Scholarship Committee. Then I went back to the room and wrote a piece for the BayCon Newsletter about the scholarships, encouraging people to submit applications on-line or pick one up from Cargo Cult or Other Change of Hobbit's tables in the Dealers' Room.

The rest of the convention is pretty much my own, as all of the things to which I was committed are now complete.
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