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A Load of Boxes

On Friday afternoon, I was able to get away after lunch and escape from the Bay Area with only three or four stretches of walking-pace traffic. I was headed, not for Fernley, but for Yuba City. That's because I wanted to collect some of the boxes out of my storage locker there and move them home. I won't be able to move them all a van-load at a time because many things in that locker are too big for the van; however, I'm going to attempt to start cleaning out more boxes until maybe it's to the point where we can finish closing it out with a rental truck some weekend.

My original plan was to go to Yuba City, spend the night, and go to the locker first thing Saturday morning. Fortunately, I made sufficiently good time that I could go to the locker on Friday. It took about an hour to beat off the cobwebs and extract a van-load of boxes, by which time I was very happy that I only had the few miles to the hotel in Yuba City (where I had a prepaid reservation) to go.

This morning, I "slept in" until 6 AM and took my time getting going, having breakfast and generally taking my ease before heading east through Marysville, Grass Valley/Nevada City, and on into the mountains. At Donner Summit, I stopped and had lunch (a sandwich I'd picked up Friday afternoon but not eaten). It's getting cool enough up there that most people are wearing jackets, and even a warm-blooded person like me felt the chill.

Passing through Sparks, I remembered that the van was overdue for tire rotation — the trip to San Antonio by itself ran through one recommended cycle — and I stopped at Big O, where they took care of that with no delay. Then it was home to Fernley, where I could see by the saw-horses that Lisa had repainted the south end of the front porch.

The lighter-weight boxes went up to my office upstairs. The heavier ones (books, mostly) are going to have to go into the garage until we figure out exactly where they go. I don't want to fill my office with books just yet until we can extricate a sofa that is near the back of the storage locker and determine whether nearly twenty years in storage has left it in a fit state to still use, in which case it can go into the office.
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