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BayCon: Sunday Evening

It was a very quiet evening for Lisa and me. We got back into our full WSFS uniforms and went out to walk around a bit, and ended up sitting talking with fr_john for a while. Tom Whitmore came by, took in the scene, and said, "This meeting of the ConJose committee is hereby called to order...!"

John had eaten dinner already, so Lisa and I made our way to the Coffee Garden for dinner. No eating messy ribs for us while we're both wearing all-white uniforms! We managed the pasta and fish and chips without zapping our clothes, then headed off to the parties.

Tonight was a night that I was scheduled to take a one-hour-after-eating-dinner blood sugar reading. We happened to go by a room party called The Donut Hole, where they were making donut holes. I said, "Oh, it smells so good, but I can't eat anything," and Lisa and I moved along. I was somewhat surprised when one of the party hosts chased me down the hall to show me that they had some sugar-free and low-carbohydrate mixes, and that it was safe for me to eat. "You don't understand," I said, "It's not what's in the food. I'm not supposed to eat anything for the next hour or so."

Then it was back down to the main party floor, where the parties were mostly not to our taste (too loud), and we found ourselves waiting with John, David Clark, and others for the Loscon party to start. They were having setup challenges, and started a bit late.

My alarm went off, so we went up to the room and I took my blood test. (136 is not too bad considering that we didn't exercise to speak of.) I decided to take my business suit back down to my van, so as to not have to worry about it tomorrow. We noticed a few parking spaces had opened up closer to the hotel and nearer to my van, but figured that by the time we could get to her van and move, the good spaces would have vanished and her not-too-far-away space would have done so as well.

After making our errand run, we went back to the party floor, where Loscon's party was under way, and had attracted the expect clientele. I sat for a while, and Lisa continued to show off her rocket pack. About 11:45, she came to me and said, "How you doing?"

Groggily, I said, "I'm fading."

"So am I. Let's go get some things out of my van and turn in." We did so.

And so we called it a night before midnight. I'll be going to bed fairly soon, and sleeping deeply, I expect. I only wish I didn't have to concern myself with checking out in the morning; I could easily sleep until late afternoon otherwise.
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