Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

What a Mess

This evening after dinner, Lisa and I went for a walk as usual. As we were approaching home, we saw emergency vehicles converging on the center of downtown: the corner of Main Street and US-95A/50A (the road to Las Vegas). We swung away from that and went home. An hour later, my blood sugar levels indicated another walk was in order, so we headed out on a different path. Some of the emergency vehicles were still there. This time we got a little closer. A highway patrol officer appeared to be giving someone a field sobriety test. As we walked along on the opposite side of the street, Lisa pointed out the Main Event: a vehicle embedded in a shed next to the motorcycle shop on the corner of Main and 95A. It was so deeply buried in the shed that I hadn't initially noticed it. From the angles involved, I'm going to guess that the driver was trying to turn left from 95A onto Main, took the turn much too fast, and swung wide across the cycle shop's parking lot until crashing into the outbuilding. Messy. We continued on home, thankful that we hadn't been out driving when that car came to grief.
Tags: fernley

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