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Little Off the Top

Today's weather being pretty decent and we having no errands away from the house today, it was a good day for yard work. Lisa got out the "pole-axe" (clippers on an extendable pole with a saw on the end of it) and went after the tree limbs that are too close to the house. After she sawed the branches off, I hauled them away. The last part involved climbing on the roof (which is easier than I thought it would be on account of she could get to it from the deck off the second floor) and trimming the branches that threaten to hang out over the fireplace chimney. We feel better now knowing there won't be tree limbs sitting over the chimney like that. Even though there is of course a spark arrestor in the chimney, having a tree catch fire right next to the house is not something we want happening.
Tags: house, lisa

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