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I attended the BayCon Closing Ceremonies and Onions/Orchids session and took copious notes. I could not type them directly into the computer because the wireless won't reach into the function rooms. And because I'd left the computer in the van and didn't want to go get it, to be honest.

Lisa was getting very impatient with some of the nitpickery. She was particularly annoyed by the people who said they found the listing of program items in "military time" (24-hour format) to be very difficult to understand and confusing. She has no problem with it, and of course most people in the rest of the world do not have any problem with it, but, just like with the metric system, Americans are stuck in a rut.

Anyway, after this final item, Lisa decided it was time to hit the road. She needed to allow enough time to get north of Sacramento at least before stopping for the night. (She generally stops at a rest area and sleeps in the van; the first rest area available for this is Dunnigan, where I-505 meets I-5 north of Sacramento.)

I fully intended to type up my notes as a long LJ entry, and after saying goodbye to Lisa, collected my computer and headed back into the hotel, then settled down in a comfy chair and logged in. But then people started to come by, and several conversations later, a lot of time had passed and I'd got no work done.

Checking cherylmorgan's flight -- which I knew had been delayed out of ORD by bad weather, but by how much I did not know -- I saw that it was due to arrive, well, er, right now. Oops. I though it was going to be a bit later. I shut off the computer, went back to the van, called Cheryl's voice mail to leave her a message saying I'd be a bit late, and hit the road for SFO. Somehwere in Santa Clara she called me from her plane as it was pulling up to the gate. "No worries," she said, "It will take time to get my bags, and I've got a book and my MP3 player."

As it happens, traffic was so light, and it took so long for her bags to come off the belt, that by the time I was approaching Burlingame, she was out at the curb, and she had to wait only about five minutes before I arrived. That was with me driving at the speed limit instead of my normal-these-days 55 mph, but I was in a hurry.

We would have had just barely enough time to get to BASFA, although probably a bit late, or to even hop back for the BayCon dead dog party; however, we were both very tired and we did have the Monaco Grand Prix to watch on tape, so we headed straight home. Considering how tired I am, I'm glad I did this. (Apologies to any BASFAns who expected me to appear this evening.)
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