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Yo Ho the RetroDome

Today was the SFSFC board of directors meeting in Fremont, after which some of the directors went to lunch/dinner. During the meal, lisa_marli mentioned that she was going to The Retro Dome showing of Pirates of the Caribbean. Not only had I never seen Pirates (although I've played the pinball machine), but this finally gave me the opportunity to see one of their shows in their current temporary home at the Century 21 Theatre. After moving into my hotel-of-the-night (the Holiday Inn Express Union City), I worked my way back down to San Jose (a long drive; crazy traffic for a Saturday evening) and plonked down my $18. I was happy to see the crew there and chatted with them, picked up my goodie bag of props, and headed in to the theater, sitting next to lisa_marli.

The movie was great fun, and the extra added touches (like spraying water on us during the driving rainstorm scene and handing out "rum" at the correct point in the movie) just made it that much more fun. I left with a big smile on my face, and a resolution to try and attend more of their shows. I'll be happy to get home for the next two weeks, but I'm sorry I won't get to see their showing of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World next weekend.
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