Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home At Last

Leaving Union City this morning, I drove the route I never drive: I-880 to I-80 east. Sunday morning is pretty much the only time the traffic is light enough to take what is actually the shortest route toward Yuba City, my first stop today. After a brief visit to my storage locker to fill my minivan up with boxes of books stored in the locker (I've decided to start bringing a van-load of boxes, which pack easily, whenever I can so that eventually the locker will only have the odd-shaped and large stuff when I finally get the thing cleared out), I went to spend the afternoon with my mother and sister. I delivered gifts to them from the trip to England (chocolate and tea), and worked on sorting out an issue with the mobile phone I bought for my mother to make sure I could administer the account for her without having to actually have the phone with me. After lunch with them, I left for home, and shortly after 8 PM, I got back to Fernley for the first time in five weeks. Lisa had built a fire to get the house nice and warm and told me that she had no chores for me other than for me to relax. Of course, I have to work tomorrow, and there's a month's worth of paper mail to sift through, but that can wait until tomorrow.
Tags: family, home, lisa

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