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More Pre-Holiday Shopping

We've been putting off some purchases from Big R Home & Ranch because the new Fernley store kept looking like it was closer and closer to opening, but we couldn't put off some of those things any longer and headed over to the Fallon store after work today. Apparently there has been a hitch with getting the building inspection done and there's some talk now that the Fernley store may not open until February. I guess that means we'll be getting our next trailer load of wood from Fallon. Pity. I would have thought that Fernley would be sufficiently desirous of getting the sales tax revenue that a new store in the old downtown district would generate that they would expedite things rather than slow them down.

Big R was out of a couple of things that we ended up getting from Lowe's in Fernley instead on the way home, and we made what I expect is our last trip to the grocery store before Thanksgiving. Scolari's grocery finally got ducks in stock; however, we got tired of waiting when we were in Reno last weekend and bought ours from Whole Foods. Mind you, if our Thanksgiving duck turns out well and Scolari's still has some ducks after the holiday, we'll probably pick up another one for later. Both Lisa and I like duck.

After dinner, we put in a good long walk down to the Fernley Nugget casino, and Lisa was able to play the Monkees slot machine there. (She was so disappointed when the Atlantis rotated that machine out; for all we know, this could be the exact same machine.) And so far, the Monkees have been very generous to us, as Lisa walked away with $25.75 more than the $20 with which she started. As has been her practice, she gave me everything above her original $20 stake, which was awfully generous of her. If only one more slot had filled on that last pull, the $25 win would probably have been a $250 or $500 win, but that's why it's called gambling.

I have some hope of getting away from work early tomorrow afternoon and running in to Reno. There are some things that if we can get there tomorrow, we won't have to brave the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush on Saturday to buy.
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