Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I Can Has New Luggages

My large blue suitcase, which I bought somewhere between 8 and 10 years ago, started showing signs of terminal failure on this last trip, including having a zipper than is nearing the end of its useful life. It probably only has one or two more trips at most left in it, and therefore it will be relegated to clothes storage and put into the garage unless I need to make another one-way move of Cheryl's stuff in her direction. But I need a bag of about that size, and one of the constraints is that it needs to be able to hold the small tripod in its retracted position. Lisa and I had already scoped out a local Reno luggage store (Way to Go Reno) last weekend, but forgot to bring the tripod. This afternoon, I managed to get away from work early enough for us to dash into Reno on this last pre-holiday shopping day.

Lisa splurged on buying me a belated birthday & advance Christmas gift: an Ultraviolet Rimowa Salsa Air 29" case. If this thing is half as good as its marketing and the product demo, I'll never need another similar-sized case ever again. They keep in the store a sample of the polycarbonate shell in the same shape as these bags, and they jump on it to show you how it will deform, but then snap back into shape. I brought my portable luggage scale with me and confirmed that the tare weight is less than 4.5 kg, which is a full kilogram less than my old bag and that means another kilogram of actual cargo space. Just in time for the trip to SMOFCon, which looms ahead: I fly to Toronto a week from tomorrow. Fortunately, the supplies for the Probability & Statistics Seminar (except the playing cards) have already made it to Toronto without me, which is good because those poker chips are really heavy.

After dealing with the luggage, Lisa and I went to Cost Plus World Market to take advantage of about-to-expire coupons, then down to Lucky Brand Jeans before their 30% off sale ends (we managed to find one pair of their US-made jeans that fit her), and finally we had dinner at John Asucuaga's Nugget. Yes, we've been spending an inordinate amount of time there, including our trip back in for their Thanksgiving feast at Restaurante Orozko tomorrow. We even walked away from the slot machines with more money than we started (and anytime that happens, you feel lucky, even if as in this case it's only a $2 win).
Tags: lisa, luggage, reno, shopping, sparks, travel

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