Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

To the Nugget for Thanksgiving

My family no longer gathers for Thanksgiving since my grandfather died, for various reasons. So I'm spending the whole long weekend at home in Fernley. Lisa and I decided to go to Sparks and have the Thanksgiving Feast at Restaurante Orozko, first because it looked great, and second because due to the sale of the Nugget from the Ascuaga family to East Coast Interests, we have no idea what things will be like next year and the new owners may well decide to fire everyone and tear the place to bits.

The Nugget also does a huge feed in their main ballroom, for which you buy tickets in advance, but the Orozko menu looked better. What I didn't realize was that I could have reserved a time in advance by calling ahead, which I wish I had done, because when we arrived around 3:30, the first seating they had available was at 5:45. This left us with a lot of time to kill, and furthermore I was overdue for feeding already. We played slots, eventually ending up ahead a couple of dollars, and then I blew all of that and more killing time in the least-expensive way I know to do in a casino: sitting in the Keno lounge at $1/game. I timed it just right, too, as the last game ended three minutes before our seating time.

Dinner was superb. I never touched the turkey, as the many other things on the buffet were more tempting. I tried to restrain myself, but by the time we finished, I was overstuffed. We walked around the casino a little while to try and get the food to start digesting, and then headed home. My blood sugar was above normal, but below 200 (US scale), which is probably the best we can hope for.

We did vow not to do any shopping tomorrow, but it's possible that we will actually spend some money, as Lisa says we could due with filling up one of the propane bottles on the trailer. The oven uses propane rapidly. But rolling an empty bottle down to Hanneman's Service to refill it isn't the same thing as camping out at Target's doorstep to get those Doorbuster Savings that started this evening. Let those other people have it. I'm going to try and take the day off and write our Holiday Greeting letter and design our Christmas card.
Tags: food, lisa, sparks, thanksgiving

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