Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

San Jose Again

I got away from Fernley House just before Noon today and got to the hotel in San Jose around 8 PM, which is pretty typical and included rest and meal stops. I'm moved in to the hotel until Thursday morning. I'm traveling heavier than usual because I have some stuff bound for Canada. Alas, I realized this evening that I forgot to pack my gloves, and I'm sure I'm going to regret that while I'm in Toronto, because the current weather forecast is for sub-freezing temperatures. I think I'll have to pack the pair of light gloves I keep in the car for use when I'm moving boxes just so I can have something over my hands when I go outside next weekend.

The rooms at the Vagabond Inn are apparently all different. This one is two down from where I last stayed, and while both have the same size bed, this one has only a single table, instead of separate "work" and "dining" tables. This is only a minor inconvenience. A different problem is that there are no power outlets near the area where the computer goes. I've become somewhat used to this and thus end up carrying several extension cords, but in this case it requires putting a cord between the rest of the room and the door, which I don't like doing.

Of course, trying to pack for every contingency is why I end up overloading my luggage and traveling like an army on the march. I'm reminded of a book of compiled Victorian travel advice called Carry a Spare Truss.
Tags: hotels, travel

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