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Preparing to SMOF

I have done laundry and mostly split my packing so that the stuff I need for Toronto is in the New Purple Ultraviolet Luggage aside from things that go in tomorrow morning, and the rest will stay in the van while it's parked at the airport. One of the things I'm bringing is a box of chocolates, which is a gift from Lisa and from travelswithkuma.

I spoke with Lisa this afternoon. It is quite cold and getting colder. It makes us appreciate having a toilet with a slight leak in the flapper valve; it keeps enough water flowing that the pipes probably won't freeze in the house. In the trailer, it takes the furnace running flat-out to keep the temperature at 18°C. Lisa says she's okay, though, with plenty of supplies.

Now I must try to get to bed early so I can be up at 3:30 AM to pack out of the hotel room and head to the airport. Upon reflection, I might have been better served by staying tonight only in a hotel nearer to SFO, particularly one of those with a park-and-stay package.
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