Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Shout-Out to The Bear

A special message to travelswithkuma: several of the attendees here, notably some of the Japanese members, asked me to say that they're sorry that Kuma Bear wasn't able to attend SMOFCon and that they look forward to seeing him and his human at a future SMOFCon.

I understand from voice-mails from Lisa that it continues to be bitterly cold back home in Fernley and that she's spending most of her time hunkered down in the travel trailer where it is easier to keep warm due to the smaller space to heat. She does keep the house heated sufficiently that there's no danger of the pipes freezing, but 12° C isn't exactly comfy by our standards; it's just better than the -14° C outside.
Tags: kuma bear, smofcon
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