Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Expecting the Fannish Inqusition

I did say this when I wrote about recording the Fannish Inquisition, but I buried it within a long entry, and therefore as a public service announcement: I expect to upload the videos of the Fannish Inquisition (presentations and Q&A sessions with seated Worldcons and bids for future Worldcons) within a few days; however, I will not get around to it at least until I get back to California or possibly not until I get home. That's because (a) They need a bit of editing (which is very time-consuming) to get rid of the transitions around them, (b) I don't think the hotel bandwidth here is sufficient to handle that much uploading on the basic level connection that comes with the room, and (c) I decided I'd rather spend my free day in Toronto going to bookstores and museums and restaurants instead of sitting in my hotel room editing video.
Tags: smofcon, travel

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