Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fast Then Slow

If only getting to my hotel in San Jose from SFO had been as easy and quick as getting from my hotel in Toronto to the airport there was. While I hit the seat-assignment jackpot on the Air Canada flight (one of only two empty seats on the flight was the one next to me, making for a relatively relaxed flight) and we got to SFO pretty much on time (about 3 PM), driving back to San Jose was a nightmare, with traffic at a crawl pretty much the entire distance. That's a very bad time of the day to be driving, but the "bad time pretty much is anything between 2 and 8 PM; yes, the "rush hour" is six hours long.

In retrospect, I should probably have stayed at a hotel closer to SFO on the night before and after the trip and used one of the "stay/park/fly" offers, as it would have been likely no more expensive than parking at SFO was and would have been somewhat easier on me, albeit that I would have had to move in and out of hotels a couple of extra times.

Anyway, I'm back in San Jose through Friday night and will be trying to get to sleep as soon as I can. At least I won't have to pack again until Saturday morning.
Tags: airlines, hotels, traffic, travel

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