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Three Weeks of Home Ahead

This morning I headed to Yuba City (finding a Staples store along the way at which I could drop off the old broken printer, taking advantage of their free-drop-off-for-recycling policy), filled the back of my van with boxes from my storage locker, went to my sister's house to drop off the one large Christmas present and to visit with her and my mother and nephew for a few hours. I had to break off sooner than I wanted because the days are so short and I really don't like driving CA-20 east of Nevada City at night (it's twisty with no shoulder and thousand-foot drop-offs with no guardrail in places; no room for error at all). I made a stop at the "Last Chance Saloon" for the Multi-Millions lottery (a place located at Nevada Exit 2 on I-80 but that is set back far enough that it's just barely over the California border and therefore is the outpost for selling lottery tickets to Nevadans) and stopped for dinner in Reno (because Lisa said she might go to bed early). As it happens, she was still awake when I got home. She was very happy to see me. Although it has been days since the light snowfall we had here, there are still patches of snow all around because it's hardly been above freezing most of the past couple of weeks. Lisa apologized for running down our firewood supply keeping the house from freezing. I scoffed at her and thanked her for keeping the house from freezing.

I've enjoyed traveling, but I have to admit that I'm rather looking forward to spending three consecutive weeks at home, which is a rare luxury for me.
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